Tuesday, 15 March 2016

3 Reasons to try our Chocolate Muesli

So we all have one child it seems that you have to hide the veggies in the mince to get anything good
into them.  So, this was the same principle I applied to trying to figure out how to get my Mr 15 to eat oats for breakfast and divert his attention and subsequent arguments regarding other popular cereals he desired that I did NOT! 
This inspiration drew me to put together this blend.  I had a couple of variables to consider and number one was of course the ingredients profile.  I needed to keep to a #Live Clean ingredient profile as I wanted the blend to have the important nutritional value a growing child needs. The reaction has been a very satisfying and a pleasant surprise I must say for both Mr 15, his friends and some friends of mine all asking for seconds, more or the recipe.   

  • Inspiration number 1, well nobody else has done it.  Well sort of…  You see, I saw a recipe that Jamie Oliver had put together. It was a blend called Chocolate granola dust, so I tried it out, sent some to some friends who loved the flavour, tried it with Mr 15 but we all decided that we didn’t like the oats ground down to form a dust like texture, so I decided to play around with maintaining the whole steamed rolled oats value in the blend. This then got the thumbs up and people seemed  pleasantly surprised by the end result.
  • Well, I had a packet of another brand, which shall not be named, given to me over Christmas and Mr. 15 devoured it like he had never had them before.  Seeing I am attempting to always reduce and control sugar intake in my home at least, this did not make me happy.  He also won’t eat oats, so this got me thinking, as I disguise vegies in mince, why can’t I disguise the oats and dress them up as something delicious and nutritious.  Would you believe it, he absolutely loves them.  Surprised the pants off him actually.  He devours them every morning and he loves how he is NOT hungry until morning tea at school. WINNING!!!
  • Cocoa is the new superfood on the block.  So, for years we were lead to believe that chocolate was bad for us, when in fact it is more about the ingredients they partner with the cocoa or cacao to entice our taste buds and get us addicted.  When you are cleaning up your diet and introducing wholefoods as a substitute for the high carbs, wheat and sugar that we are constantly bombarded with, this blend shows us that we can have our cake and eat it to, well our daily chocolate fix anyways.  I hope you enjoy as much as my family and friends found they enjoyed it.
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