Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Christmas Spiced Muesli

This week we here at GK Gluten Free Foods are Super Excited to introduce you to our new Christmas Spiced Muesli.

You see we are continually asked all the time, “What else do you have?” Well now we can say oats and muesli, yipeee!!

We have presented the oats to many a muesli company and they have rejected it until it can be labeled ‘Gluten Free’.  Seeing none of us have a crystal ball we can trust, we thought, well why not just do it ourselves. So we did.

I have spent the last few month trialing this blend with friends and family asking for feedback.  Now is the time to share it will our customers and see if you think it is as delicious as we do.

I am determined to keep this blend as #Clean and #Healthy as possible. 
Our ingredient profile is :
·      Dairy Free
·      No added preservatives
·      Sugar Free
·      Wheat Free
·      Uncontaminated from gluten grains

We plan to present you all with a range of muesli blends over the next 12 months and let you help us by sharing your thoughts, the flavours you and your family love and which blends you prefer.

So let’s have a bit of fun with this I say:

We have a little questionnaire that won’t give you heartburn, hand on heart I pinky promise.  Just   ½ dozen questions.  We want you to be honest, not brutal but constructive.  This is about YOU really and how we can give you something that
·      Taste’s great
·      Nutritious – of course
·      Is as cost effective as possibly possible


So we thought it only appropriate that we give you a chance to WIN a $50 gift voucher to use in the shop with us.  PLUS you will get a FREE copy of our new recipe book 50 ways with GF Oats to be released early in the New Year.

So please Order your Christmas Spiced Muesli here and pop over to our Feedback Form and tell us what you thought.

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