Monday, 20 October 2014

What can I do to make you feel better about our oats?

Research shows that pure, uncontaminated oats in moderation (1/2 cup dry daily) are safe for most persons with coeliac disease. Oats add soluble fibre and nutrients to the diet that are otherwise lacking or have limited availability.
Some persons using oats may notice increased abdominal discomfort, gas and stool changes. This may be due to the increased fibre from oats. Introducing oats slowly may decrease this discomfort.
Rarely, some persons with coeliac disease may have a hypersensitivity to oats.
In fact an excerpt from the Coeliac Society of Australia’s Position on Oats statement (2012) states:
Limited clinical studies have shown that as many as 4 in 5 with coeliac disease can tolerate uncontaminated oats in small quantities without causing symptoms or damage to the small intestine, but this statistic does translate into 1 in 5 (20%) will still react to uncontaminated oats. Since there is no simple test to determine who falls within this 20% of reactivity, it has been recommended by leading researchers and gastroenterologists that oats should not be included within the gluten free diet.
It is recommended that should an individual wish to consume oats as part of the gluten free diet, a biopsy prior to and 3 months during regular oat consumption be done to determine its safety on the individual.
There is insufficient research to suggest this is related to a gluten-like reaction, or an allergic reaction.
The GIG Medical Advisory Board suggests you work closely with your health care team before adding oats, and that you have your antibody levels reviewed periodically.
This position has been approved by the GIG Medical Advisory Board. July 2008.

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