Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Testing Threshold of Oats

All around the world there are varying industry standards with regard to the testing threshold for gluten free testing.
In the USA the threshold is less than 20ppm, here in Australia we can test down to less than 3ppm.
If you are following a wheat free diet you can more than likely tolerate mainstream oats, which will definitely be contaminated with wheat, rye or barley at the farm level and will indeed test well above 20ppm.
If you are following a gluten free diet regime you will definitely need to use uncontaminated oats. Gloriously Free Uncontaminated Oats sourced from GFHarvest in the USA are the ONLY oats in Australia who test and display their results on the packaging to ensure for consumers that they are less than 3ppm.
You don’t want the first sign of a problem with mainstream oats to be the development of a much more serious condition (caused by continued gluten ingestion) a few years down the road.
To further confuse things, not everyone who eats gluten free can tolerate even GFCO-certified gluten-free oats. While studies have shown that certified gluten-free oats are largely safe for those with CD, a small percentage of those with CD cannot tolerate the gluten-free oats. These issues almost certainly extend to those who have intolerance to gluten issues as well, but apparently no studies on the effects of gluten-free oats on these individuals have been conducted.

We have seen the onset of new dietary regimes such as the gluten free/grain free diets and paleo diets which encourage the elimination of grains in the diet completely.  Each individual is different and depending on your gut health some of you will find that if you really wish to include oats in your diet you may have to keep it to a minimum.

I encourage you to use the rotational diet principles and eat oats every 4 days. This way you can still enjoy our uncontaminated oats and their health benefits without the grumbly tummy.

You may also need to ask us about our Gut Healing program and also eliminate other foods in your diet that may be causing you problems. 

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