Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Book Review - Delicious Feel Good Food

Australia’s newest healthy recipe book was released earlier this year nationally.

Friendship Food – Delicious Feelgood Food

Free of Gluten, Yeast, Dairy, Egg and Refined Sugar

This unique recipe book tells the story of how its co-author, Felicity Philp, refused to surrender to a debilitating autoimmune disease. Through her journey with food and friendship, this mother of four came out the other side with a vibrant new life!

Felicity was inspired to change her diet and found since creating her own recipes - her health improved immeasurably and her life changed in so many ways!

Friendship Food – Delicious Feelgood Food contains more than 70 recipes developed by Felicity and the team at Friendship Food.

I found the recipes are easy to follow, well set out and provide families with everyday, fuss free alternatives to age old recipes.  Ingredients are readily available locally and having sampled some of the foods created from the recipes at the launch event in Toowoomba, I can personally vouch for the “Feel Good” claim.

I was delighted to find reference to Gluten Free Oats in the book and some delicious recipes using the uncontaminated oats.  Here is an excerpt from the book:

“Also know as uncontaminated oats, it appears that some people with Coeliac disease can eat uncontaminated oat products.  Oats in their pure form are in fact gluten-free (however not recognised as such in Australia).  Mass-produced oat products are contaminated during harvest, transport and processing.  Look for uncontaminated gluten-free oats in your local health food shop.  When eating oats make sure you have plenty of fluids with them.  When I first gave up gluten, I did not know about oats in their pure form and did not eat them.  I now enjoy a good bowl of porridge a coupled of times a week”.

I love the mantra of the book:  Listen to your body, Nourish your mind, Feed your Soul.

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