Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ten Tips for Eating a Wheat Free Diet

More and more people are finding out that they have a problem with Wheat gluten to 
some degree. So it can be quite enlightening, empowering and daunting when your 
Naturopath gives you the news that part of the problem/solution must be to reduce or 
exclude wheat products. First you think of the obvious things and then you realize that it 
is in everything! Part of my aim as a Naturopath is to help make the adjustments easy. 

1. Alternatives i.e. Brighterlife and others. The alternatives are great and easy to 
incorporate for the whole family. 
2. Shop around the outside of the supermarket. This is where the wholefoods are. 
3. Stay away from packets. Many things have wheat added and labeling may be 
misleading. I.e. Mountain bread says Oat, corn, rice but all have wheat. 
4. Eat more of what you can eat. This will take the place of the wheat products and you 
won’t feel deprived. 
5. Discover new wholefoods. There are may great foods that are full of nutrition that 
you may not have tried. 
6. Have fun with simple recipes. Keep it simple and open up a whole new world of great 
taste and health. 
7. Use non-food treats to make yourself feel good or as a reward. i.e. Massage, movie 
8. Take a variety of grains if you are only intolerant to wheat gluten. 
9. Educate, Train and even convert your family/friends 
10. Last but never least – Lots of pure fresh water. This will stop any cravings. 

Try these tips and consult your Naturopath. 

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