Tuesday, 15 July 2014

We won’t Bite you if you Promise not to Bite us.

We are only selling old-fashioned uncontaminated oats, not poison folks!

The thing is, when it comes to importing, if you don’t do, it someone else will. If there is a market or a demand for a product here in Australia, then you can bet if we can’t grow it, make it or mine it, we will have to import it.

In 2009, when Kylie Hollonds first started importing Uncontaminated Oats, in 2009, she thought she was going to be able to label it, according to my American counterparts, “Gluten Free”. Well, not only was she not able to according to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, as it clearly states in the code, that any product that contains oats cannot be labeled with a gluten free claim. She was about to get a very rude shock when members of the Coeliac Society started ringing her company phone number.

“I did not in 1 million years think that the discussions would get so heated, even personal attacks, over a grain of oats. You see how I saw it, if I didn’t import it someone else would. This has certainly proven to be true over the years.”

She thought she was the best person for the job, as she had an interest in protecting those who had gluten intolerances and allergies with her website directory, Whatcanieat.com.au, educating and partnering people to products on the market for intolerances such as gluten free.

The growth and sales of this product has exceeded expectations, you see, you only need to ‘google’ a gluten free recipe and up comes multiple recipes referring to ‘gluten free oats’. We currently field about 12 phone calls and emails a week, asking us if we sell, ‘gluten free oats’?

So, over the years, we have been dragged into Qld Health on several occasions, threatened, abused over the phone by many coeliac members, not to mention the emails received. We are the only company, selling uncontaminated or wheat free oats, who tests the product to show there is no contamination or <3parts br="" million.="" per="">
You see you would really be better off eating a bowl of porridge than trying to “Bite Me.”

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