Thursday, 13 March 2014

Food Testing Testimonials

  • I have been suffering with headaches for over 20years and have tried everything to try and rid this often debilitating problem.  I took the food test as I felt that there was something that was setting it off.  To my absolute surprise - Onions - were one of the items listed in RED that were identified as NO GOOD for me.  There were several other items which I eliminated but it turns out onions were the main problem. I have always hated onions but thought they were good for me.  Amy Qld
  • I live in rural Sth East Qld on a farm where we are continually exposed to chemicals being sprayed around our home.  I have 3 children who's health was deteriorating. We had skin problems, mild to severe, asthma and continual flu's.  Once we identified what foods were no good for us, eliminated all toxins from our home and then started Kylie's Gut Support program with supplementation, our health has changed dramatically.  I know have people asking me all the time what I did.  The test just makes the process easy, we have also done some retesting and found that many of the foods that were a problem are now not.  Regan Qld
  • My son had developed very bad acne once he moved into his teens.  We took the food testing kit and found out what foods were no good for him. In particular white bread was not good for him. He was very resistant about starting eliminating the specific foods so we asked him to do it for just 1 week. Well the results were so amazing that he continued on his own.  We also changed our personal care and toothpaste.  Mary NSW
  • My son was always unwell.  We couldn't work out what the problem was.  We were referred to take this test and found out that he had a problem with among other things beef & chicken.  We worked on the gut support program and within a month he was a different kid.  Sarah Qld

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