Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Tips on How customers use the GF Oats in Everyday Cooking

  • I consume oats in cookies, I make chocolate and put oats in it, plus I've even added plain oats into casseroles. Sounds weird, I know. But it tastes good and it's healthy. Submitted by Shanneene
  • The absolute highlight of the start of every day for me in this cold winter, is a massive plate of porridge. Sometimes with honey, sometimes with butter, sometimes with cream but most of the time just with milk and a bit of Splenda! Puts a big smile on my face after months of eating gluten free toast – which I hate!!!!!

  • On weekends I spend a bit more time over breakfast with my gluten free muesli – favourite being mango muesli. I add a few tiny pieces of macadamia nuts, sometimes a bit more coconut, sometimes some berries – the options are endless! Top it off with some yoghurt and I am a very happy girl indeed!
  • Up until I started my relationship with your oats, breakfast was always a dreary, boring, sad start to the day. No longer – its heaven! Submitted by K. Gowen

  • Hi Kylie, I am gluten free and LOVE these oats. I haven't tried the muesli yet. I use the oats raw, in protein smoothies, porridge (obviously) and especially as crunchy toppings on smashed sweet potatoes instead of breadcrumbs, mixed with a little melted butter and herbs...a vegie type crumble! DELICIOUS! Submitted by T. Holm

  • I use oats at home, I have 3 main ways! of course there are more but these are the more common ones I do frequently!!

  • How I add oats into my diet:
1- When making chocolate covered fruits (bananas, blueberries, strawberries), I like to grind the oats up and mix with almond meal and crushed walnuts. This mixture is then used to cover the chocolate fruits before setting in fridge or freezer!

2- I use oats to make a nice quick breakfast-in-a-cup in the morning (or from google search its called overnight oats)! Prepared the night before ensures the oats have softened and ready to eat. What you will need are 1 cup oats, 1 cup of berries, 1 tsp cinnamon, milk (depending how big your glasses are will depend how much milk you use), 1/4 cup crushed nuts.
All you need to do is get the glasses you want (and also the plastic party cups work just as well if you want a meal on the go). And then Essentially you are just layering everything into the cup, adding enough milk so that the oats absorb it and get soft! SO I do, layer of oats, then fruit, oats, fruit, oats, top off with the cinnamon and nuts. then pour milk over top!!
It is a yummy and easily eaten morning breakfast!

3- Oat pancakes- just oats (grinded in processor), mashed bananas and a bit of homemade vanilla extract and milk. Mix together then cook as you would a pancake :) Submitted by Penny!

  • When I was a child the best treat my mother made for me was raw oats mixed with cocoa powder and sugar.  I just ate them dry and could not get enough of it.  (A bit of background: The place was in Bavaria, Germany in the early 1940s. There was a war on and sweets and chocolates weren't an option, they were non-existent.) Submitted by Paul Kiesskalt

  • I generally cook Oats in a bowl, then when cooked I add a couple of big spoonfuls on tinned fruit salad or peaches (with juice). Great hot gluten and dairy free breakfast. Submitted by Joanne Farrugia

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