Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Our Inspection Process

GF Oats Certifications

    We maintain our own certified planting seed, and personally contracted with "Seedsmen"
    who have not grown any wheat, rye or barley on their land for the last 2 years and who use their
    combines for only Gloriously Free Oats or uncontaminated crops.
    Each field is completely walked at least three times to make sure that no volunteer glutinous
    products are growing in the field.

    The fields and all harvesting equipment is inspected by GF Harvest and the Wyoming Seed
    Certification Service to assure they are free of the offending grains. Before any of the oats
    can be unloaded it must pass upto 3 tests (#1 White board "Magnifying Glass Visual",
    #2 RidaQuick test showing over 10 ppm, and #3 the Elisa R5 RidaScreen test that will
    show results down to 3 ppm).
    In addition to our own laboratory testing we also send samples to the University of
    Nebraska's Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (www.farrp.org) to be tested
    for gluten to assure the oats are uncontaminated from the gluten found in the
    grains wheat, rye and barley.

    Our oats are stored, harvested and transported by equipment owned by GF Harvest or
    inspected to make sure that they are certified clean. Our oats are cleaned, rolled and
    packaged in our facility that is certified GF and OU Kosher in the USA.

    In comparison, if you examine what it takes to process oats from planting to product you
    can see that any one of the required steps and equipment from the planter to the mill will 

    affect the ability to call it "uncontaminated" and could make a person sick.
    It is transported to Australia via ship then transported to Toowoomba to our packing facility. 
    Here we a 'clean uncontaminated' environment to ensure the certification from the USA,
    where we pack into our various package size requirements.
    Once this process is complete we them send a test sample to an independent testing
    facility to ensure the stock in uncontaminated and ready for the consumer.

    To source our GF Oats or to make further inquiries please don't hesitate to
    visit www.Wheatfree.com.au

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