Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Anzac biscuits

Hello Kylie,

We are very lucky that none of our family have any diagnosed intolerance's, diseases or reactions. But we do eat gluten free, additive free etc as a choice. Rye does not agree with me nor do normal oats. And my eldest daughter gets an upset tummy after too much wheat. Your oats mean we can eat oats without worrying. The best way we use the uncontaminated oats is

These Anzac biscuits are so good you can serve them to 'normal' people without suspicion. These are vegan, wheat free and gluten free, nut free. 

1c buckwheat flour
1c uncontaminated oats
1c coconut
3/4c sugar (or coconut sugar)
125ml oil (olive oil works really well)
3tsp golden syrup
3tbs boiling water
1tsp baking soda

Sift together dry ingredients. Gently heat oil then add syrup, water and soda, allow to foam then quickly add to dry ingredients. Mix well, form small bits into balls and flatten on tray. Leave space for spreading. Cook at 170oC until cooked to your liking.
We like them soft. If you can wait these are lovely and moist the next day when stored in a metal biscuit tin with paper towel.
Thanks, keep up the good work, Jamie Powell

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