Monday, 22 August 2011

Whole Grain Oats, a tour of "The Seed of Life"

Our Oats are sourced from Gluten Free Oats LLC or GF Harvest which is their new branding.

The texture of these oats has been quite consistent over the 2 years we have been importing them.  A light fluffy, creamy oat that takes a few minutes to cook.

Here is a little tour of this unique grain which gives you an insite into it's health benefits.

"The Seed of Life", is the reference made to wholegrains, because they are seeds that supply the first nourishment from the plant. 
Wholegrain seeds are made up of 3 layers as per the diagram to the right.

  • Bran
  • Endosperm
  • Germ

    Bran relates to the outer shell of the grain which is mineral rich, high in fibre, high in B vitamins and protein.

    Endosperm is the starchy portion which is the middle layer of the seed.  This is the main energy storage unit of the seed for carbohydrates, protein and small amount of B vitamins.
    Germ is the nutritient rich core of the grain.It's the smallest part of a grain but packed with nutrients. The germ sprouts into a new plant, so it holds rich supplies of key nutrients such as minerals, B & E vitamin and phytonutrients.

Importing Oats - pros and cons

Importing our Oats from Gluten Free Oats or GF Harvest ,as they have now rebranded themselves has carried some ups and downs like most ventures.

I wanted to share with customers the story of the thickness and consistency of these Oats and how thinly they are rolled.  We have been importing this product for 2 years and to date the feedback on the "light" "thin" "creamy" texture of this product has been well received.  

BUT, there is always a BUT...our order travelling across in March/April found itself in the middle of the Tsanami that hit Japan, these pallets did not fair so well.  When they arrived there were some packages damaged and what we found was the oats itself was generally broken and quite powdery.  We fielded quite a few complaints about how much dust was in the bottom of packets.

We love feedback from customers, good or bad, we want to deliver a high quality product for everyone.
This feedback was forwarded to the producer and for the pallets we are now dispatching we have found that  they have rolled the oats quite a bit thicker.  However, in our opinion and for some of you as well, we have found that they are a little too thick in comparison to our original product.
Once again we find ourselves fielding a few enquiries about the change in product.  We have spoken to the producer again and given him the feedback that he needs to have his product consistent each time that it is sent to Australia and that the thickness of this brand really needs to be somewhere in between. 

Unfortunately if they were a little closer we would be able to just pop them back on the truck and send them back. However that is not the reality here.

We truly apologise for the discrepancy, it isn't good enough but we are working through the issues with GF Harvest, who are working closely with us to produce exactly what our customers in Australia want.

Being the "bright spark" that I am, I came up with the solution in the shower. (happens a lot)  We popped the oats into our blender, for about 15-30 seconds, not too long.  Perfect, our oats once again cooked up in a couple of minutes.

Try this out, not a perfect solution in a not so perfect world, until we organise our next shipment.

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