Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Our Uncontaminated Oats has a unique special flavour like no other

Gluten free oats
Our Gloriously Free Uncontaminated Oats which is sourced from Gluten Free Oats LLC in the USA have been using a special  rolling process  since they introduced the product to the gluten free market in the USA in 2004.  There oats are famous for their special flavour, from the way they process their oats. They do not roll them as THICK as some old fashioned rolled oat products on the market.  The roller they have used since they started has not changed and does have a flake thickness of +-.006 inch.  

Broken flakes can be caused by a variety of factors: 
a.      The 1st factor that can affect the amount of broken oat flakes is the moisture content. 
                                                This moisture content is controlled as much as we can but can range from 36 lbs. to 42 lbs. per bushel at harvest.  The oats can lose moisture in storage depending on the weather until the raw seed is rolled.  So the lighter the bushel weight the less moisture content.  We do use a steam process to stabilize the oats and can add additional moisture to a point during the steaming process but there are limits.  Our goal is a final product that is in the 10% moisture area but as most likely you have seen the volume of product in a package can change and is why we all oat companies design their packages to allow for this variable.  
b.      The care and number of times a flake is handled or moved will also affect the amount of broken flake and dust.
                                                    i.     On the journey to Australia each of the pallets must be restacked onto plastic pallets and put into a Gayload box for protection that could cause some flake damage.
                                                   ii.     If the transportation process from our mill to your site is as rough, as with the last shipment each bag could have more broken flakes. 
                                                  iii.     If the shipper or yourself has to restack the bags then it could have more broken flakes.     
                                                  iv.     Then when you get it to your packaging company, depending on how it is handled this could cause more broken flakes.   
        The texture of the product is affected if there are additional broken flakes but the nutritional value of the product should not be affected.
3.     In the USA oats are manufactures as either a groat, steel cut, quick or old fashioned product.
a.      Groats (this is the whole oat seed less the hull stabilized and ready to eat such as a rice product for breakfast or in other recipes)
b.      Steel Cut (this is the groat that is cut in 2-3 pieces stabilized and ready to eat for breakfast or in other recipes)
c.      Quick Rolled (this is the steel cut oats that are rolled and ready to eat for breakfast or in other recipes)
d.      Old Fashioned Rolled (this is the groats that are rolled and ready to eat for breakfast or in other recipes)
       Seaton's family Jill (wife), Forrest (son), Martha ( mother-in-law), Gala, ( sister-in-law), Carol (cousin), Paige ( niece),  are all diagnosed with CD.   Resulting in over 3 generations of diagnosed CD people that have dealt with a GF diet since 1990.  So they personally understand the issues and need for pure oats on a GF diet.  His family also has a history of life threating diabetic issues, so they are also very focused on serving this special diet.  Try these oats in a 500g or 100g trail pack size.


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