Friday, 21 January 2011

Investigation by Queensland Health

In 2010 we received a call from the Health Department, regarding a complaint made by the Coeliac Society of Australia regarding the labelling of the Uncontaminated Oats we have been distributing in Australia since May 2009.

As part of our agreement with the company we purchase the product from in the USA,  Gluten Free Oats LLC, we are the only company eligable to import this product.  To date they have had half a dozen enquiries from interested parties to import this product.

Unfortunately we have been unable to work with the Coeliac Society of Australia regarding this product as they choose to ignore the research found from qualified reputable universities in other parts of the world and the subsequent allowing of the labelling  "Gluten Free" in the UK, Canada & the USA .

Consequently we are now under investigation from Queensland Health regarding the labelling and marketing of this product.

The support for this unique, nutritious and delicious product here in Australia has even surprised us.  People who need to follow a gluten free diet are thriving,  those who haven't gone well on the product, don't use it anymore.

We advise all Coeliac sufferers that the society does not support or recommend the consumption of these oats in a gluten free diet.  It is up to each individual to check with them or your medical practitioner if you choose to still consume this product.

New labelling laws which have come into effect in Australia do not allow the manufacturer to make any claims on the packaging in the form of words, images, information or design.  So we will now strive to find ways of communicating to customers who are desperately wanting this product in their diet.  We will keep you up to date.

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