Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Number 1 Food that Burns Fat

If you could choose one source of complex, starchy carbohydrate for a fat loss program, this would be it!  Oatmeal is the one carbohydrate food that virtually 100% of all bodybuilders and fitness models eat on a daily basis.  What makes it so great?
Well, although it's a starchy carbohyrate , oatmeal has a nice balance between carbs, protein and good fat.  A half a cup contains 3 grams of fat , 27 grams of carbs and 5 grams of protein.  The low glycemic index, combined with the presence of protein and fat mades oatmeal a cery slowly releaseed carb - exactlyt what you're looking for when you want to get lean.

Make sure you choose the all-natural oats especially old fashioned oats.  Stay away from sweetened and or flavoured oatmeal packets.  Oatmeal is delicious with natural(sugar free) apple sauce and cinnamon.  Or try some crushed walnuts or flaxseeds in your morning oats, which will give your "porridge" a nice cruncy texture while adding those desirable "good fats" we all need.  For a complete meal, try a couple of scoops of protein powder, preferably whey based.

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