Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sales of Uncontaminated Oats

In May 2009 our first pallet of GF Oats arrived in Australia.  We were all set to take this Oats to the Gluten Free Food Show in Brisbane when we received the call from Sue Shepherd saying that we were not allowed to take the Oats as they were deamed not Gluten Free here in Australia. This at the time was devasating but we kept our oats on our website and our customers starting buying them and loving them.
The sales have steadily increased throughout 2009 and we placed another order for Oat which arrived in September 2009.
We have all our Oats in cold storage at the local Endeavour Foundation who do all our packaging and processing.  Sales continued but slowed considerably in the summer season.  During this time we have continued to spread the word about the benefits of these wonderful Oats to those who can not eat traditional oats because of the contamination found from wheat, rye and barley.

Our Oats are now found in local health food shops across the country.

You can try our Oats here...

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