Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Labelling of the Uncontaminated Oats in Australia

Australia and NZ labelling laws in relation to Oats

According to the labelling laws in Australia we are unable to label these Oats as Gluten free as they clearly state that products can not be labelled Gluten Free if they contain any ingredients sourced from wheat, rye, barley or oats.
Other countries such as the US, UK, Canada and Europe have all given these uncontaminated oats from GF Harvest in the USA a gluten free standing.  The reason being that research conducted in the USA with a test group of diagnosed coeliacs showed an outcome that 1 in 20 have a reaction to these oats.
Recommendations from North American associations included the following from the Canadian celiac association:

Clinical evidence confirms that consumption of pure, uncontaminated oats is safe in [limited amounts for adults and] children with celiac disease....Individuals... who...add oats or oat products to their diet must ensure that the oats...are free from gluten contamination....A small number of individuals with celiac disease may not tolerate even pure, uncontaminated oats. To ensure that persons with celiac disease are not intolerant to pure and uncontaminated oats, proper clinical follow up with the physician is advised when introducing oats to a gluten-free diet.

Please view recommendations from other associations here.

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